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Finger Caught in Door Compensation Claim

My finger got caught in the door at the office. Can I make a compensation claim for this?
Injury Compensation

Much is going to depend on how you came to catch your finger in the door and if your injury was due to the negligence of your employer. If the door has been poorly maintained, or is an automatically-closing security door which fails to give warning that it is shutting, you may well have a strong personal injury claim. If you have caught your finger in a heavy solid door which should be fitted with a slowing mechanism or finger guard, this may also count as employer negligence and entitle you to claim for injury compensation.

Prioritising Your Injury

Your main priority is to have your finger examined by a doctor to ascertain the level of damage. An injury to a tendon or the soft tissue of the fingertip could affect your ability to work in an office if you have to use a keyboard, and to delay seeking treatment may cause the injury to worsen. No amount of personal injury compensation will make up for a permanent condition which could have been avoided by speedy medical treatment, and if your condition deteriorates due to your own negligence, you will be regarded as a contributor to your injury which will affect how much injury compensation you receive.

Reporting Your Injury

Once you have received treatment for your finger injury, make a report of what happened in your employer´s “Accident Report Book”. If your injury causes you to have more than three days away from the office, your employer should also report your injury to the health and Safety Executive who may feel inclined to instigate their own investigation into your accident. If you intend making a claim for personal injury compensation, it will benefit your cause if you can take photos of the offending door and take details of witnesses who may have seen your accident happen in case their testimony is required to support your injury compensation claim.

Speak With a Solicitor

Although you may not feel that it is worthwhile to seek professional legal advice after sustaining an injury to your finger, there is nothing to be lost by finding out what you are entitled to in terms of personal injury compensation. As well as being compensated for the pain and suffering you experienced when catching your finger in the office door, you should receive payment for any loss of wages due to your injury, costs associated with replacement transport if you are unable to drive and also compensation for “loss of amenity” if you are unable to pursue everyday activities due to the consequences of your finger injury.