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Claim for Falling on Slippery Office Floor

I slipped upon a recently cleaned floor in my office, breaking my leg in the process. My manager has told me that I cannot claim compensation as I should have noticed the cleaners. Is there any way I can claim for falling on slippery office floor?

Whether you are eligible to claim for falling on slippery office floor will depend on who the negligent party was with regards to your accident and injury. If you were responsible – at least partially – compensation could be difficult to win. This can happen in the scenario where caution signs were clearly placed around the slippery floor area. If you failed to notice these signs or chose to ignore them, you may not be eligible to claim compensation.

However if warning signs were not present, or were not clear enough your employer may be responsible for the fact that insufficient warning was provided to note the fact that a hazard was present in the office. Your employer may therefore be liable for failing to inform the cleaning staff to provide a reasonable warning of the potential danger present.

If it is established that your employer is liable for your claim for falling on slippery office floor, you are advised to make a report of the accident in their “Accident Report Book” in order to note the details of the accident, which can be later used to support a potential claim. Should your injury prevent you from attending work for a period of seven days or more, your employers may have to contact the Health and Safety Executive who may investigate your accident and injury. This report will be highly beneficial to your claim in the event that it finds your employer guilty of negligence.

Your employer may also be required to report the possibility of a claim for falling on slippery office floor to their insurance company. When this happens, you may receive an unsolicited compensation offer, which is made to you with the condition that your claim for settlement is instantly resolved. Regardless of how fair you believe this offer appears to be, you are advised to contact your solicitor before accepting any offer. This is due to the fact that such unsolicited offers are often made with the intention of saving on money for the insurance company – not on compensating a claimant fairly. The claimant is therefore in danger of accepting compensation which does not cover their long-term needs, and should they have insufficient funds to pay their medical costs or care for their family, they will be unable to ask for more. A personal injury solicitor will be able to determine the amount of compensation to which you are entitled to claim for falling on slippery office floor and negotiate a fairer compensation amount on your behalf.