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Machinery Injury Compensation

Introduction to Machinery Injury Compensation

It is difficult to establish just how many injuries are caused in the workplace by accidents involving machinery as they can fall into so many categories. In the UK, workplace machine injury can relate to a physical injury where the victim has – for example – caught their hand in a roller, sustained a burn from an over-heated element within the machine or contracted an industrial disease through inadequate protection from the fumes emitted from the machine.

Machine injury compensation claims can originate from practically any type of employment, although there is a greater risk of serious machinery injury and fatality in “heavy” engineering industry and agriculture. A machinery injury can result in short term incapacity or a serious life-long health issue, and therefore there are no specific statistics relating to the number of days lost or people injured through workplace machinery injury in the U.K.

What to do After a Machinery Injury

In you have had an accident while using a machine, or developed an illness because of the materials you have been using on it; your first concern should be that of your health. Depending on the extent of your injury, an ambulance should be summoned to take you to hospital or you should get to the accident and emergency department of your local hospital as quickly as possible – preferably with a colleague in case you suffer from delayed shock.

Your workplace machinery injury should be recorded in your employer’s “Accident Report Book” and witness statements collected to support your claim for machinery injury compensation. This is particularly important should any of your colleagues are aware of this type of workplace machinery injury occurring before, or if they know of any reason (such as a lack of maintenance) why the machinery should cause your injury.

Claiming Machinery Injury Compensation

This information, together with your medical report, will be used by a solicitor to compile the strongest possible claim for machinery injury compensation. Your machinery injury claim is usually negotiated between your solicitor and your employer’s public liability insurance company, so there is no need to be apprehensive about direct conflict between you and your employer.

If you have developed a good working relationship with your employer, you need not fear that your employer will be out of pocket as it is his public liability insurance company who is responsible for settling your machinery injury compensation claim. Most employers will be genuinely horrified that one of their employees has been injured due to their lack of care, and support your claim for machinery injury compensation.

Machinery Injury Compensation Solicitors

One of the key reasons for using a specialist machinery injury compensation solicitor is there are occasions when your employer may claim that you contributed to your injuries by your own lack of care. This “contributory negligence”, if proven, will affect how much machinery injury compensation you receive and, in order to get a speedy resolution to your machinery injury compensation claim, it is in your best interests to inform your solicitor if such a counter-claim may arise.

A machinery injury compensation solicitor will also be more aware of the consequences of a serious machinery injury – which will enable him to maximise your machinery injury settlement. Potential issues such as post traumatic stress disorder and long term out of pocket expenses for care and rehabilitation may have to be integrated into a machinery injury claim, and a solicitor experienced in this type of injury will be the best person to advise you on this type of claim.

No Win, No Fee Machinery Injury Compensation

Because of the potential for complex issues such as contributory negligence and psychological injury in a machinery injury compensation claim, it is always in your best interests to speak with a solicitor as soon as you, or a loved one, has received treatment for your injuries. It may also be best for you to discuss your entitlement to claim for machinery injury compensation with a solicitor who will first provide you with free practical advice, and then take your machinery injury claim on a “No Win, No Fee” basis.