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Solicitors Investigating Unhygienic Hotel Swimming Pool Claims

Solicitors are investigating several unhygienic swimming pool claims made by a group of holidaymakers who fell ill during an all-inclusive holiday in Greece.

Earlier this year, several families booked all-inclusive holidays at the Marelen Hotel on the Greek Island of Zante. During their stays, seventeen guests are known to have contracted severe gastric illnesses attributed to the Cryptosporidium parasite – a microscopic parasite that breeds in contaminated water in swimming pools.

The guests reported several lapses in hygiene at the resort including faecal matter in the swimming pool. Other guests reported seeing staff cleaning the tiles surrounding the pool with a nailbrush and then rinsing the nailbrush in the swimming pool water. No deep cleaning of the pool or water testing was witnessed by any of the guests.

One of the holidaymakers who suffered from the Cryptosporidium illness was Rosanna Crowley (27) from Kettering in Northamptonshire. She told her local newspaper: “It was hideous. We had all swam in that pool. As soon as I started feeling unwell I just knew it was bad. And then one-by-one we all came down with it.”

On her return to Northamptonshire, Rosanna visited her local GP as she was still suffering the symptoms of stomach cramps, vomiting and diarrhoea. The presence of the Cryptosporidium parasite was confirmed by her GP and, due to the breeding habits of the parasite, her house also had to be inspected by Environmental Health Officers to ensure her own hygiene standards were being maintained.

Now Rosanna and the other holidaymakers that suffered a gastric illness have instructed solicitors to make unhygienic swimming pool claims against the tour operator through whom the holiday was booked – Thomas Cook. According to the solicitor, the aim of the unhygienic swimming pool claims is not only to recover compensation for those whose holiday was ruined by the Cryptosporidium parasite, but also to make sure that steps are taken to prevent the same thing from happening again.