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Sixty Thousand Pounds Compensation for Horse Riding Injury

A West Midlands horse rider, who broke her neck after falling from a horse during a horse-riding lesson, has been awarded sixty thousands pounds in an out of court compensation settlement.

Maxine Wright from Stoke on Trent, was taking horse riding lessons with her husband at the Whitmore Riding School, Newcastle-under-Lyme, when the horse on which she was riding, Marmite, failed to clear a jump.

Among her injuries, Maxine had broken two vertebrae at the top of her spine – requiring her to be hospitalised for two weeks and having to take the next four months off from work.

After an investigation into the accident, Maxine made a claim for personal injury compensation when it was discovered that the barrels which made up the jump had not been weighed down properly. It was found that these had moved forward on impact and had caused the horse to fall.

Insurers of the horse riding school agreed that the school had demonstrated a lack of awareness in regards to the potential risk, and negotiated a compensation settlement of sixty thousand pounds to compensate Maxine for her pain and suffering.