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RSI Worker Receives 3,000 Pounds Compensation

A factory worker has been awarded 3,000 pounds in compensation after sustaining a repetitive strain injury (RSI) after his employer failed to perform a complete risk assessment of his duties.

Geoffrey Coleman, 41, of Kendal, Cumbria, is to receive the compensation settlement for his work-related injury after employers at the un-named factory admitted not introducing a work rotation schedule to prevent the possibility of developing RSI.

Geoffrey’s duties involved packing large sheets of paper into plastic bags weighing up to 50 kilograms when full. The process lead to Geoffrey suffering ligament strains in both forearms, which caused shooting pains from his elbows to his fingers whenever he tried to grasp anything.

Geoffrey’s repetitive strain injury required him to start taking long periods of time off from work, and after he discussed the situation with his union, the decision was made to claim work injury compensation against his employers.

The company were found to have failed in their duty to consider all the risks associated with a new work procedure, and have since implemented a revised system of work to prevent this type of injury happening again.

Geoffrey has now recovered fully from his repetitive strain injury and returned to his job.