Green Keeper Receives 5,000 Pounds for Severed Finger Injury

A Warwickshire golf course has been ordered to pay one of their green keepers 5,000 pounds in personal injury compensation after it was found negligent in its health and safety procedures.

The unnamed employee was attempting to use a golf ball washing machine in June 2010 when he discovered a ball was jammed inside of it. Removing the front guard and exposing the pulley system and belt, the employee reached inside the machine to free the ball but his left index finger got caught in the mechanism and was partly severed.

The damaged part of the finger had to be amputated and in the subsequent Health and Safety Executive investigation it was discovered that Warwickshire Golf and Country Club had failed to provide a safe system for the washing of golf balls or give their employees adequate health and safety training or instruction on what to do in the event of a ball jam.

Magistrates at Leamington Magistrates Court found Club Company (UK) Ltd – owners of the Warwickshire Golf and Country Club – negligent for the man´s injury, and fined them 13,500 pounds. They also ordered Club Company (UK) Ltd to pay 8,000 pounds to Warwick District Council in costs, and 5,000 pounds in personal injury compensation to their employee.

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