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Farm Worker Gets 71,000 Pounds for Harvesting Machine Injury

An agricultural worker has been awarded a compensation settlement of 71,000 pounds after his leg was seriously injured after becoming caught in a potato harvesting machine.

Stephen Hyndman, 28, was hired to help harvest a crop of potatoes at farm in Cumbria in September 2003 for agricultural contractor, William Brown. Mr. Hyndman’s job was to drive a tractor and trailer alongside the potato harvester but, during the course of harvesting the machine became blocked and he tried to remedy the situation by removing the trapped potatoes.

Contrary to operating procedures, the driver of the harvester had not switched off the engine and Mr. Hyndman’s trousers became caught in the machinery. His leg was dragged into the harvester, crushing his ankle and lower leg, and leaving him with a permanent disability.

In the recent court action, the judge ruled that William Brown was liable for the negligence of Mr. Hyndman’s colleague in not switching off the harvesting machine, and awarded Mr. Hyndman 71,000 pounds compensation for his injuries.