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Double Injury Wins Ford Man 20,000 Pounds Compensation

A Ford Cars machine operator, who injured his groin in a manual handling accident and then exacerbated the condition when falling through a hole in the floor of the men´s restroom, has received 20,000 pounds personal injury compensation in an out-of-court settlement.

Barry Lester (64) from Corringham, Essex, initially injured his groin in 2008 at the Ford plant in Dagenham, Essex as he attempted to lift a box of car parts which had got caught on another. Injured by taking the weight of a full stack of boxes, Barry had to take three weeks off of work, but returned to his job and worked through the pain.

In April 2009 however, his condition was aggravated when his injured leg went through a rotten floorboard in the men´s restroom, forcing him to take more time off from work and preventing him from pursuing his favourite leisure activities – gardening and golf. Barry also suffered a loss of income due to not being able to work overtime in other departments.

After taking legal advice, Barry sued Ford for their negligence in failing to maintain a safe environment in which to work and, admitting liability for Barry´s injuries, Ford settled out of court for 20,000 pounds.