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In the UK, dental negligence claims can be made when it can be proven that your dentist caused you an avoidable injury due to a lack of skill or the inability to demonstrate that skill. Many dental negligence claims in the UK are resolved by the expert testimonies of other dentists who would have acted differently in the circumstances and at the time.

As it also has to be proven that an avoidable injury has occurred, and that you did not just experience a bad time at the dentists, it is advisable to make any UK dental negligence claims with the assistance of an experienced solicitor.

Dental negligence can result in many years of pain and the need for revision surgery to be performed to correct the negligent actions of your dentist. Make sure you are aware of your full entitlement to compensation for UK dental negligence claims by speaking with a solicitor on our freephone injury claims advice service.

Claim for Dentist´s Error Resolved Out of Court

A man who had two teeth unnecessarily removed by a negligent dentist has accepted an out-of-court settlement of 4,000 pounds in respect of his claim for dentist´s error compensation.

John Turnbull (56) from Gateshead underwent the negligent treatment at the Glenholme Dental Practice in nearby Dunston in 2008. The practice at the time was run by Dr. David Stewart, who John had been seeing for fifteen years. However, on this occasion, Dr. Stewart informed John that he had an infection and that two of his bottom teeth needed extraction.

Following the treatment, John experienced excruciating pain for several weeks and, when returning to the surgery to try and get further treatment, found the practice had closed. John sought treatment elsewhere and, when it was discovered that the teeth had been extracted unnecessarily sought legal advice about making a claim for dentist´s error compensation.

When compiling John´s claim, solicitors discovered that Dr. Stewart had failed to diagnose and treat decay on another tooth and that three further claims for dentist error compensation had also been made against Dr. Stewart. Although Dr. Stewart denied liability, he was struck of the Dentists´ Registry in March 2010 and John´s claim for dentist´s error compensation was resolved with the former dentist´s insurers.

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10,000 Pounds for Gum Disease Oversight

A woman whose dentist failed to notice her gum disease has settled a compensation claim for 10,000 pounds after losing six teeth.

Victoria Walker (34) of Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, has won a five-figure settlement against a Newcastle dentist after visiting a new dentist when she moved in August 2005, who discovered a severe case of gum disease due to dental neglect.

Victoria had visited her previous dentist every six months over a period of three years and, despite having regular x-rays as part of her treatment, the gum disease and several other oral problems were never identified.

Remedial treatment involved a deep cleansing process with required four sessions with her new dentist and the removal of six teeth to access the diseased area. Victoria took legal advice, and a compensation settlement of 10,000 pounds was agreed.

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50,000 Pounds Compensation for Dental Agony Grandmother

A 75 year old grandmother has been awarded 50,000 pounds in compensation after dentistry malpractice left her in agony and unable to eat.

Mrs Jean Wall of Droylsden, Greater Manchester, had always dreamt of having a Hollywood-like smile, and after consulting with Droylsden based cosmetic dentist, Dr. Oscar Kwame Gagoh, agreed to a schedule of teeth bleaching, crowns and veneers, as well as treatment intended to straighten a crooked front tooth.

The work, which commenced in March 2007, meant that Mrs Wall had to endure hours at a time in Dr. Gagoh’s treatment chair, regularly having to have her anaesthetic topped up and with the sessions leaving her in great pain.

Despite Dr. Gagoh’s assurances that the work would be completed “in no time”, the sessions continued, and the agreed price increased regularly from 8,000 pounds to 10,000 pounds, and eventually up to 15,000 pounds.

Mrs Wall refused to pay any extra money, and complained that the treatment had left her with burned and blistered lips, nerve damage and unbearable dental pain which prevented her from eating, drinking or swallowing properly.

Mrs Wall sought medical and legal advice, and had to endure a further year of dentistry to correct the errors that Dr. Gagoh had made. Dr. Gagoh refused to address the claim of negligent treatment, insisting that he had done nothing wrong but, after a three year legal battle, his insurers agreed to the compensation payment.

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