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Bon Jovi Security Guard Wins 4 year Battle for Compensation

A security guard, whose leg was broken by a golf buggy during a Bon Jovi concert, is to receive 33,000 pounds in compensation from the band.

Sally Allen (39) from Pontefract, West Yorkshire, was a security guard at the Bon Jovi concert at the National Bowl in Milton Keynes in 2006 when a gas canister exploded and caused a fire in the VIP area.

In the course of her duties and while evacuating the area, she was run over by a golf buggy being driven by  one of Bon Jovi’s personal security team; sustaining a broken leg, a crushed foot and dislocated toe.

Sally’s injuries were further complicated with the discovery of a blood clot – a condition from which doctors say she was lucky to survive. Sally now struggles to walk long distances and experiences frequent, painful cramp in her knees.

In the action against the band, Sally claimed that the New Jersey based band failed to train or control the personal security guard properly, and after four years of negotiations with the band’s solicitors she an agreement to pay 33,000 pounds in compensation has been reached.