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Bedbug Bite Sisters Awarded 3,200 Pounds

Two sisters, whose trip to London was ruined by the bites they received from bedbugs present in the bedding at their hotel, have each been awarded 1,600 pounds in compensation in an out-of-court settlement.

Melanie Carmen (59) from Whitstable, Kent, and Joy McDonagh (51) from Sidcup, Kent, spent three nights in London at the Airways Hotel in Victoria in February 2010 to celebrate Joy´s 50th birthday. However, after their first night in the accommodation, both were covered in bites from an infestation of bedbugs.

They had the presence of mind to report the problem to hotel staff and requested that they were moved to another room. However, there were also bedbugs in the change of accommodation and, after two further nights of poor sleep, the women had a total of 138 bites between them.

After seeking legal advice, Melanie and Joy sued the Airways Hotel for personal injury compensation and without admitting liability, the hotel settled out of court – paying each 1,600 pounds to cover the women´s medical expenses and loss of earnings as they were unable to immediately return to work after their visit to London.