500,000 Pounds Compensation after Fall from Van

A delivery driver, who had not been trained to use the tail-gate lift controls on his van, is to receive half a million pounds in compensation after sustaining serious injuries when falling from the vehicle.

Colin White, 53, from Altrincham, Manchester, was left temporarily paralysed following the incident in 2005, which happened as he and a colleague were making a delivery in York.

Neither Colin nor his companion had been trained to use the tail-gate lift on the van which had been provided for the job and on one occasion when Colin stepped backwards out of the van, the tail-gate lift had moved.

Colin fell heavily, hitting the back of his neck against the tail-gate lift and sustaining serious injuries. Doctors have told him that he will never be able to work again and, although Colin is no longer paralysed, he suffers constant pain.

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