“Human Tragedy” Teen Awarded Record Compensation Package

An Essex teenager, left almost completely paralysed by a car accident in 2006, is to receive the biggest compensation package ever awarded in the U.K.

Chrissie Johnson, now 20, had an exceptional future ahead of her – having recently achieved an astonishing 12 GCSEs just months before a tragic road traffic accident near her home in Chipping Ongar, Essex.

The car in which Chrissie was travelling was being driven by a friend – Serena Compton-Cooke – and, due to Serena’s lack of care, was struck by a truck – leaving Chrissie with injuries so severe that she was only kept alive by a tracheotomy.

Chrissie spent 10 days in intensive care at the Royal London Hospital and since the date of her accident has spent much of her time in hospitals and care homes, receiving the full-time attention she now needs. Chrissie has learnt to move one of her arms and can use it to communicate with other people.

Approving the compensation settlement in the High Court, Mrs. Justice Swift paid tribute to Chrissie and described the accident as a “human tragedy”. A massive payout, which consists of a 4 million pounds lump sum and index-linked payments of 300,000 pounds per year, will be used to cover the cost of Chrissie’s care for the rest of her life.

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