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Welcome to our UK injury compensation Web site

Welcome to the Injury Compensation Zone – the most comprehensive UK injury compensation claims Web site. Our pages contain comprehensive articles, written in plain English, that offer facts, information and advice on the most frequent types of claims.

You can access this information by clicking on any of the links below, using the menu bar to the left or “Search Site” facility above. We would advise readers that no two personal injury claims are identical, and the advice that is provided is offered as a guide. For an individual assessment that is accurate for your particular situation, you should always seek professional legal help.

Your Health ALWAYS Comes First

Please remember that your health always comes first, so make sure you get medical assistance as a priority if you have suffered any kind of injury. Although there are some instances when evidence collected at the time of an accident will strongly support a personal injury claim in the UK, it’s difficult to imagine a situation where your health will benefit from failing to seeking medical treatment.

Furthermore, no amount of personal injury compensation will ever make up for a lifelong condition that could have been avoided with timely medical attention and, by delaying a medical examination, you could also jeopardise your entitlement to make a claim for personal injury compensation.

Expert advice from an experienced UK legal team

We have a highly experienced team of solicitors with expertise in all aspects of personal injury law available to assist you with any legal matter relating to UK personal injury compensation claims.
You can contact us between 8am and 10pm, seven days a week, on our freephone number, or you can leave your name and number in the form to the right of the page and one of our legal help team will call you back at a convenient time.
There will be no charge or obligation for this initial call, and you will receive impartial expert advice about your potential case.

Compensation for Injuries

One of the most frequently asked questions of our team on the freephone injury claims advice service is “How much compensation for injuries?” There is no simple answer because each personal injury compensation claim is calculated on its individual merits. In addition to establishing a “value” to the pain and suffering you experience as a result of your injury, factors such as the effect that an injury has on your quality of life and any emotional trauma you have suffered also have to be considered in a calculating special damages.

Special Damages for Personal Injuries

Special damages also play a significant part in the calculation of how much compensation for injuries you may be entitled to receive. Although special damages are primarily concerned with ensuring that your financial situation is no worse than if the accident and injury had never occurred, they can also include costs you may encounter in the future for medical treatment, nursing care or even structural changes to your home to allow wheelchair access in the case of catastrophic injuries.

Injury Compensation Calculator

Injury compensation calculators are useful tools to have to determine whether it may be worth your while to pursue a claim for personal injury compensation in the UK, but they do not provide a full picture. Often your age, gender and general state of health prior to an injury can influence how much compensation for injuries you receive as much as the extent and severity of the injury itself. You should never rely solely on an injury claims calculator and always get independent and individual advice from an experienced personal injury solicitor.

Accidents in Streets, Roads, and Public Places

Accidents in public places are one of the most comment types of personal injuries people can suffer. As well as slipping in a street or tripping over a manhole cover or tripping on a pothole, people often slips on wet floors in supermarkets. The local authority is responsible for the upkeep of public roads and foothpaths, but accidents in public places like supermarkets or shops are the responsibility of the the private owners. Road traffic accidents can include three car accidents, rear end car accidents, and passengers in car accidents.

Clinical Negligence Claims

Claims for clinical negligence claims are becoming more widespread as an under-financed National Health Service struggles to provide a quality level of service to patients. Doctors and nurses perform an outstanding job with the resources they have available to them. However if you have suffered injury or harm as the result of the negligent care of a healthcare professional you may be entitled to compensation. Clinical negligence claims can also be made against medical practitioners in the private sector.

Work Injury Compensation

There are justifiable reasons for victims of a work injury being apprehensive about making claims for work injury compensation. In a tough economic climate, it is understandable that people will be concerned about their future employment prospects or will not wish to damage a good working relationship they have developed with their employer. Inasmuch as the law protects employees making work injury compensation claims when they have sustained an injury due to the negligence of their employer, compensation settlements are paid by the employer´s insurance company and not directly from the employer or company themselves. Some common types of cases are construction accident compensation, farm accident compensation, and industrial accident compensation.

Injury Compensation Answers

We respect that not everybody feels comfortable speaking directly with a solicitor, especially after a traumatic event. On other occasions there might be just one element of your claim for personal injury compensation in the UK that you are unsure about and would rather just have a quick answer to your specific problem. Therefore we have provided an “Injury Compensation Answers” page that includes details of many unique scenarios that can occur in a personal injury compensation claim. Of course, it would be impossible to cover every possible unique scenario, so we have included the facility for you to ask us your own question and have your injury compensation answer published on this page.

All articles are written or edited by Eoin Campbell.